Win More Business, Faster by Being a GREAT Choice

Win More Business Faster. Be a GREAT Choice.

Stop trying to be the Best Choice. Its a trap.

Intangible services come with too many uncertainties. Clients always wonder if there's not an even better choice.

Instead, be a Great Choice.

A Great Choice is one your client can make confidently without second-guessing the decision.

You might not be the only Great Choice. So what? Once a client finds a Great Choice, they can stop.

When you’re a Great Choice

  • The sales process accelerates because prospects aren’t fixated on the elusive "Best Choice."
  • Loyalty goes deeper because they're confident in their choice.

Your marketing & positioning matters.

Being a Great Choice is a type of relationship. You must position yourself as a Great Choice from first contact.

Making yourself a Great Choice forces you to focus on your client's success and how you improve their business.

That is a GREAT reason to hire you.

You stand out naturally while avoiding the contrived differentiation trap.

Be a Great Choice.

Think Like Your Clients
Clients call Bruce La Fetra The Client Whisperer. He grows revenue and profits by reverse-engineering a firm's Best Client relationships. When you think like your Best Clients, you attract more of your Best Clients.
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