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Why Should a New Client Choose YOU? Business Development in the COVID Era.

The COVID Era is widening the gap between Great firms and everyone else. Bruce La Fetra explains why the fastest and most certain path from good to Great isn't creating a unique "secret sauce"; it is understanding the one you already have. In this non-technical presentation, you will get immediately actionable tips for: more effective marketing, using neuroscience to understand the buying process, and The Question you can ask that helps you to think like your customers.
Also known as The Client Whisperer, Bruce La Fetra develops common sense marketing strategies that attract more of a firm's Best Customers. Bruce is Managing Partner / Marketing Strategist at Eastwood Strategy Advisors.


About the NexGen Business Brief Series

Now until Dec 4, 2020, The Reynolds Group is hosting a lunch and learn for 45 minutes. Leveraging our NexGen, Manufacturing Peer Network, we present a business brief featuring award-winning speakers.
Successful marketing takes a holistic approach. That is why we cover all aspects of a business. The COVID Era is not easy. NexGen Business Brief will help you Adjust, Leverage, and Thrive in today's environment.

Think Like Your Clients
Clients call Bruce La Fetra The Client Whisperer. He grows revenue and profits by reverse-engineering a firm's Best Client relationships. When you think like your Best Clients, you attract more of your Best Clients.
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