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     Cloning your most profitable clients

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This firm is closer than you think. The key is your people seeing your firm the way your Best Clients see it. The resulting clarity attracts more of your Best Clients while shortening your sales cycle, increasing your profitability, and making you more referrable. 
Clarify your Value. Transform your Firm.
Bruce La Fetra, The Client Whisperer, is your guide.
"For the first time in years, I love my job again." - Law Firm Founding Partner


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Reverse-engineer your secret sauce: why your Best Clients select your firm
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Unleash the power of The Client Whisperer in your organization

The Client Whisperer shows your team how to Think Like Your Best Clients

Bruce's philosophy is very simple: when you see your own firm the way your clients see it, you gain clarity. This is the key to a better business; one where you earn more without working harder.
Reverse-engineering a firm's Best Client relationships allows Bruce to deliver counter-intuitive, but easy to understand insights that will get your team to Think Like Your Your Best Clients.
The Client Whisperer cuts through the marketing and sales hype with proven--and common sense--solutions that make it easier for your Best Clients to say Yes, pay you more, and generate more referrals.
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Clarify Your Value. Transform Your Firm.

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