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Your Audience Wants More People, Generating Better Clients, and Doing It Faster.

Think Like Your Best Clients and attract more of your Best Clients. 

The status quo is that life at successful firms is a GRIND. The antidote isn't more selling, more marketing, or more willpower. It's seeing your firm the way your clients see it. 

Bruce La Fetra draws on two decades of interviewing the Best Clients of market leading firms to cut through the marketing and sales hype to deliver proven--and common sense--solutions that will have more people, generating better clients, and doing it faster.

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Bruce adds value to your team or organization meeting by revealing insights into how clients think. Using to-the-point stories, logic, and research into behavior neurology, Bruce lays out a common sense path for building stronger relationships, with better clients, and doing it faster.

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  • Elevating professionals into Trusted Advisors
  • Professionals who want to take charge of their careers
  • Offering proven, step-by-step guidance for generating better clients
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Popular Topics

The Expert Trap: 3 Ways Positioning as an Expert Costs You Money, Time, and Clients
It's counter-intuitive, but positioning a professional services firm as the industry “expert” is a trap. The Expert Trap lengthens the sales cycle, reduces earnings, and undermines loyalty.

Bruce La Fetra explains the perils and how to escape The Expert Trap based on more than decade of interviews of the Best Clients of leading professionals. The perspective he’s gained will cause you to re-think how you position your firm and services.


  • How to avoid messaging like an Expert
  • Two perspective-flipping questions to highlight your value

Why Business Development Is Broken and What Small Firm Rainmakers Can Do About It
Solo and Small Firm BD is broken. While you likely generate your best clients and matters via referrals, it's easy to equate "marketing" with websites, SEO, and outsourced social media. Understanding what is wrong with the BD process provides a path to expanding and improving referrals to get more and better clients. The resulting clarity also improves outbound marketing and inbound direct inquiries.
  • Two questions to create better focus at your firm AND attract better clients.
  • How to spot marketing that doesn't connect with clients and how to fix it

Get Better Results by Turning Your Marketing and Business Development Upside Down
Putting clients at the center of your practice isn't the same as thinking like your clients. Bruce's clients call him The Client Whisperer because he takes you from thinking about your clients to thinking like your Best Clients. The top 20% of your clients generate 80% of your profit. The bottom 20% cause 80% of your headaches. Reverse-engineer your Best Client relationships and you are soon cloning these Best Clients. See higher earnings, shorter sales cycles, and more impact on your client's business -- all without working harder.
  • 3 ways you can improve your firm TODAY

Meet Bruce La Fetra

The Client Whisperer shows you how to Think Like Your Best Clients.

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What can you expect from The Client Whisperer?

Bruce's philosophy is very simple: when you see your own firm the way your clients see it, you gain clarity. This is the key to earning more without working harder.

For nearly two decades, market-leading firms have turned to Bruce not merely to generate more business, but to generate better business and have more people doing it.

Leaders at these firms:

  • See higher earnings for owners
  • Are less concerned about competitors
  • Book more and better business via referrals
  • Sell more, but do less "selling"
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You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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