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Success = Scaling your business, not your workload

I'm on a mission to make professionals rich and happy by cloning their Best Clients. When you Think Like Your Best Clients® you consistently earn more without working harder.

That's not hype. The top 20% of your clients generate 80% of your profits. The bottom 20% create 80% of your headaches. Your firm operates at a higher level when you serve better clients.

Clients call me The Client Whisperer because I create clarity regarding why their Best Clients select their firm.  

Seeing your firm they way your Best Clients see it is a game-changer: you attract better clients who pay more, buy faster, and have no trouble seeing your value to their business. 

Does this sound like you?

I work with smaller professional services firms and service-based businesses such as Attorneys, CPAs, Consultants, Coaches, and Financial Advisors. While everything I do works for larger firms, I enjoy seeing the immediate impact I have on smaller firms.

My clients are highly skilled professionals with many satisfied clients. They're super busy, but . . . 

  • Lack a consistent flow of GREAT clients. The ones who generate lots of profit and no headaches.
  • Differentiate their offerings using terms like "value" and "service." It shows up in their networking introductions, website, LinkedIn, and what referral partners say when making introductions.
  • Want to free themselves from The Donkey Strategy for business development (accomplish more by carrying a heavier load.) They can't scale, they can't exit, and work is a grind.

My clients are ready to take action. They . . .

  • Know referrals deliver the best clients but don't have a formal plan to generate a consistent stream of great referrals.
  • Want real business success. Real business success is earning more without working ever harder. Occasionally you meet someone who achieves success without the long hours or grind, so you know there is a better way.
  • Are tired of screwing around. Some of my Best Clients come jaded after hiring marketing and business development “experts” only to be underwhelmed. 

They are stuck fishing for clients with a net that scoops up a bit of everything. Including bottom clients who generate more headaches than profit. Worse, bottom clients displace your ability to serve more of your Best Clients. Instead, they could be fishing with a spear if they had clarity regarding why their Best Clients select their firm. 

My work improves your firm in 5 ways.

  1. A clear message that grabs attention. Achieve results by clearly communicating the value of your work to future Best Clients. 
  2. Prioritized marketing activities based on a clear strategy for attracting more of your Best Clients
  3. An engaging, relaxed, non-manipulative sales process that closes more of your Best Clients with greater certainty and less effort. Clients like this as much as you do.
  4. Build trust faster and more consistently for long-term client relationships
  5. More options for scaling up or exiting because business development doesn't depend on just you. 

These practices are proven to consistently attract more of your Best Clients.

How you will gain personally 

You feel more confident when talking about your business: explaining your value, networking, writing emails, creating content, developing marketing materials, giving presentations, preparing proposals, and closing business.

Marketing and selling your services lose the mystery. You will realize that you can generate high quality business with integrity, authenticity, and without hype.

You work with more of your Best Clients, the ones who bring you better projects, longer relationships, and grow your bottom line.

You speak in terms of your impact on your client's business rather then the tasks you perform. As a direct result, clients write bigger checks with big smiles because they know what they are paying for.

How I work with my clients

I work directly with the key stakeholders at a firm: the Managing Partner/Shareholder, the owner, a set of partners or shareholders, or the executive team. While a project is typically 3 to 5 months, I don’t distract you from running your firm. I do expect you to deeply engage at the launch, the Findings, and Recommendations. In between, I'll be busy learning from your Best Clients to reverse-engineer what makes those relationships so special.

You don't have to learn a bunch of new skills. The Interview Findings will change the way you see and work with your clients. I use named examples from your own Best Clients—people you have your most successful relationships with—to show you how to re-frame the impact of your work so others instantly “get” your value. Once you see it working—with your own clients—the mindset becomes a self-reinforcing, virtuous cycle. You will never go back.

My primary goal is to achieve your business and income goals by attracting more of your Best Clients. When you focus on your Best Clients, every part of your business gets better. You and your team spend more time and energy where you excel. It starts with marketing and business development, but the impact is quickly felt across your entire firm. We may be focused on the long term, but you will notice immediate improvements.

Learning through implementation

My Think Like Your Best Clients approach replaces your time-sucking bottom clients with more of your Best Clients by reinforcing what you do well.

Athletes and other top performers see the biggest gains by honing what they do best. In your case it's, getting clarity about why your Best Clients select your firm.

You'll have to unlearn some marketing "best practices." It won't be hard once you see why they don't work for you, and how to focus on what does work for you.

You establish trust when a prospect or client is confident your goals are aligned with their goals. Not hard when you see the situation through their eyes. 

What pitfalls will you avoid?

Marketing professional services can be frustrating. There are so many options available and the "experts" rarely agree. Some “best practices” are counterproductive and move you backwards. Selling your services is something you have to do, not something you want to do.

I help you avoid that nagging feeling you are wasting precious time and money. When you Think Like Your Best Clients, there is no mystery about how to communicate with your current and future Best Clients. I’m there guiding you with examples of what works with your own Best Clients. When you are your own example of success, you soon create a self-reinforcing virtuous cycle.

How is my program different?

Results. Think Like Your Best Clients is practical, proven, and based on common sense and neuroscience. At its core, it is what master rainmakers do intuitively. And yet, it is unlike anything else I’ve seen, and I’ve been doing this work for two decades.

I focus on only your Best Clients. These are the ones you would clone if you could. I don’t talk to your ordinary clients or even that former client you are still friendly with. That is, unless you want more of those clients.

My client interviews are unique. They are in-depth conversations with the CEO, CFO, or EVP you have a relationship with. These people would never spend up to an hour with a consultant except for your relationship. The conversation we have is 180 degrees from what they expect: I talk about how you fit into their business rather than how they fit into your business. They love talking about their business. As a result, I get nuance and depth that other client interviews simply can’t obtain.

My findings, insights, and recommendations are more credible and more actionable. Every insight and observation is tied to a name. These are your Best Clients. They are people you know well. Often, you know a backstory that makes my insight even more relevant. I build this into my process.

Your Best Clients are your Best Clients for a reason. Often “little” things have big impacts. Things you do because they are “simply the right things to do.” You're not aware of the full impact you have on your clients.

I demonstrate—using your own Best Clients—that these “little things” can be very important to your Best Clients. Instead of "following your gut," you do these high-impact actions deliberately. 

There are no complex skills to master. It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but if you genuinely like helping your clients, thinking like your Best Clients soon becomes second nature. (If all you care about is making a buck, please stop reading.) And because I take it out of the realm of intuition, we can teach your entire firm to Think Like Your Best Clients. More people, generating better clients, and doing it faster.

There's no woo-woo. Empathy and interpersonal skills help you in all aspects of life. If you don't rank high on these, no worries. Empathy requires you to feel what others feel. For many logical-thinkers, that's hard. You can be remarkably successful in professional services by simply seeing what your clients see. For highly logical professionals (think: lawyers, CPAs, consultants), seeing is more valuable than feeling.

It's all backed by the latest neuroscience. Neuroscience explains what works and why. I show everyone at your firm how to achieve rainmaker results using logic, common sense, and examples from your own Best Clients.

What Think Like Your Best Clients is not

Think Like Your Best Clients is not positive thinking or creating a BHAG. It’s not branding or online marketing, although it provides a more effective foundation for both. It’s not trendy or woo-woo--unless you consider the latest neuroscience trendy or woo-woo.

Think Like Your Best Clients turns common sense into common practice.

Think Like Your Best Clients is about time-tested principles and practices. It’s about what works for you, a busy professional who doesn’t have time to screw around. It’s about getting big results for your firm in the most practical and scalable way possible.

It's about building your success by creating a bigger impact for your clients. Your clients will be big fans of your new approach.

Your Next Steps . . .

If you believe the ability to Think Like Your Best Clients will improve your business, the next step is a 45 minute Introductory Consultation to answer any questions you have about working together productively.

  • I need to understand your situation: your challenges, goals, and what you’ve already tried
  • You need to learn about me
  • I will share my process and the tools I use
  • We will discuss cost and timeline
  • You decide if you want to move ahead. 

I only want to work with you if you are confident I will improve your business.

My core philosophy is that I can't be successful until you are successful. I like being successful.

Schedule your Introductory Consultation

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  • Schedule the actual Introductory Consultation
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You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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