Rob the Wealth Advisor and His 27 Years of Experience

Rob the Financial Advisor working with clients
I network with a lot of professionals so I hear a lot of lackluster introductions. I always ask, "Why do your Best Clients select you?"
Rob is a financial advisor. He told me clients select him because of his 27 years in the business.
I told him I didn't think so.
After asking Rob a few more questions he realized I wasn't being a jerk. He realized I was right.
It dawned on him clients are attracted to how he navigates market ups and downs. In 27 years he's seen several business cycles. He's seen it all.
Existing clients know this. Rob struggled to get new clients because Rob didn't communicate how his 27 years would benefit them at various points in the economic cycle.
Take a lesson from Rob. When I meet you, I don't want to know What You Do. I want to know How You Can Help Others in My Network.
When you stop talking about what you do and instead speak to what your clients can do because of what you do, you attract better clients and it's more fun. It doesn't feel like selling.
You can also replicate your success across others in your firm.
Examples are a great teaching tool.

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Actual Clients Say It Best

Nothing I do matters unless it improves your business

Kevin G. Long

Kevin Long

Employee Benefits Law Group
"So here's the bottom line. Hire Bruce. I did at our firm and we showed immediate results and it fundamentally changed how we market and who we market to."
Booby Robertson

Bobby Robertson

"Bruce exhibited a great ability to "dig in" to get a real understanding of our clients' needs / wants / perceptions that we missed with our traditional tactics."
Dick Woodrow

Bill Woodrow

"What immediately impressed me is Bruce’s ability to identify the key issues that win business for us.”
You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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