Referrals with These 3 Parts Are AWESOME

Client referrals are the best source of business
Awesome referrals bring interesting projects from great clients who close fast. Awesome referrals require much more than an introduction. Referrals with these 3 parts are magical.
Align all 3 parts and you create magic: better clients, who pay you more, and buy really fast with no selling.
All referrals are not equal:
  • Good: Someone mentions your name
  • Better: They introduce you and say nice things
  • Awesome: Keep reading.

3 Parts of an AWESOME referral

Part 1 - The Introduction
An awesome introduction highlights why YOU are a great match for the prospect's need. The more specific the introduction, the better.
Specific introductions require that your referral network understand how you create value for your clients. This is your obligation. Communicate your value so it is:
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Remember
  • Easy to Share.
Get an awesome introduction and the prospect is excited to learn more about you.
Part 2 - The Digital You
Even after an awesome introduction, no one just picks up the phone and calls you. First, they check out the digital you. Your LinkedIn profile, content, and website.
More important than fabulous content is a digital you who aligns with the introduction of you.
When your digital you aligns with the introduction made by your referral partner, the prospect WANTS to work with you. You are the default choice in their thinking.
Things are looking great and moving quickly, but they're still not a client.
Part 3 - The Initial Meeting
Alignment here will quickly close the deal and generate a new client. Lack of alignment drags out the process and puts your new client at risk.
The goal of the initial meeting is not to impress the prospect. It is prove you are a great choice for their situation. A choice they will never regret.
With an introduction that specifically addresses their issue and a digital you aligned with their issue, your prospect has emotionally decided they want to work with you. They are no longer evaluating you. They are looking for logical reasons to ratify their emotional choice.
Recognize where you are in the process, and the prospect will quickly become your client. Demonstrate you are who they think you are. Try to "impress" them and you appear out of alignment with their expectations. The logical doesn't match their emotion.
The process drags on. And on. They are no longer confident they can choose you and never regret it. Rather than skipping other firms, they need to consider all their options.
Maybe they eventually become a client. But it's not quick and your relationship doesn't start at the same high level.

The Short Version

Part 1 - A specific introduction presents you as a great match for their need.
Part 2 - The digital you reinforces the introduction.
Part 3 - The initial meeting provides confidence you are a Great Choice.
3 parts in alignment ➡️ create magic:
🪄 Better clients
🪄 Who pay you more, and
🪄 Buy really fast with no selling.
You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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