Professionals Don't Hate Sales, They Hate Rejection

Attorneys don't like sales

"Professionals hate selling" is a myth.

What lawyers, CPAs, and Advisors hate is getting rejected. "Sales" aka arm-twisting implies a lot of rejection.

Good rainmakers don't turn every potential client into a paying client, yet they don't feel rejection.

The best relationship builders don't see building relationships as a numbers game. There's no wins and loses. Only wins.

They see each relationship as special and look for ways to add value. Sometimes the best way to add value to the other person is to become your client. The relationship enters a new phase. But it's the same relationship.

The trust and shared perspective hasn't changed.

The goal was never "to make them a client." The goal remains unchanged: finding ways to improve their business.

People like @marc hankin @amy mariani @chris m king @stephen Seckler understand the wisdom.

Some others will never understand. They see clients as an ATM (perform a task and get paid. Rinse and repeat.)

Everyone in between can learn and benefit from a fundamentally different approach to business development that produces better results while requiring less "effort." (You get to enjoy your work more too.)

There's no woo-woo involved. It's all based on common sense and backed by science.

If you've gone from "seller" to "relationship builder," what triggered the change for you?

You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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