Why Your New Website Won't Grow Revenue

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If you’re like me, the COVID-19 crisis opened the floodgates to people trying to sell me a new website. After all, in a world with few face-to-face meetings, having a great website for your business will be the difference between a future full of riches and living under the overpass.

If only it were so.

Your firm’s website IS important

A “better” website by itself won’t help. Your cart needs a horse to move forward.
Your potential clients have lots of distractions right now: the economy, converting their PPP loan to forgiveness, worrying about family and friends, etc. Searching for a new provider — you — is pretty low on their priority list.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have a GREAT opportunity right now.

What your potential clients ARE looking for — and this is ALWAYS true — is someone they can trust to improve THEIR business.

Focus on improving THEIR business and you will connect with what is important to THEM. Connect with what is important to them and they will make time to talk to you.

A sparkly new website that talks about YOU doesn’t communicate your commitment to improving their business. Your new website will accomplish nothing more than your old website.

BEFORE spending a dime on a new website

Get clear on who your Best Clients are and the positioning and messaging which articulates why they select YOUR FIRM. (Not why hypothetical clients ought to select your firm, but why actual clients do.) Keep your focus here, and you will find building highly effective marketing — website included — is done without guesswork.

Use this process to evaluate and revamp your website and your budget will stretch further. More importantly, your website (and all your marketing) will accomplish what you need it to do.
You will be happier because you will see new and better clients who drive revenue and profits. Your marketing team, whether internal or an agency, will look great. Everyone benefits from results.

Driving Real Business with Your Website

Your website IS important. A solid strategy built around why YOUR clients select YOUR firm drives a targeted website that lets you work smarter not harder.

The Client Whisperer is here to help.

Think Like Your Clients
Clients don’t care how great you are; they care about how you improve their business. The Client Whisperer provides super clarity regarding why your Best Clients select you, and the key to a consistent flow of ideal clients.
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