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Never Say You Are Industry Agnostic

I refer a lot of business to other professionals via my network. Tell me you're "industry agnostic" and I scratch you off my list. Here's why.
Referring business to other professionals is the lifeblood of building strong networks.
I'm focused on improving the business or life of my friend/colleague/client who I am referring as a potential client.
To get my recommendation, I need confidence you're going to hit it out of the park.
When you say, "We're industry agnostic," I hear, "We do a lot of things. We can probably help your colleague as well."
Here's the twist. Some of the professionals I most like to send business to actually work across a variety of industries. They have specialized skills that are not industry specific.
The difference is they make it clear how they improve their clients' businesses.
They don't merely "Work with the IRS to resolve your tax issues." Instead, they focus on getting your life or business moving forward again. That includes the tax and legal issues, a workable payment plan, perhaps restructuring your business (so you have income to pay the IRS), and planning to stay out of trouble. That's a much bigger picture.
Next time someone asks you "What do you do?" give an example of a specific client you helped and how you improved their life or business.
Next time you are tempted to say you are "industry agnostic," what are you going to say instead?

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Actual Clients Say It Best

Nothing I do matters unless it improves your business

Kevin G. Long

Kevin Long

Employee Benefits Law Group
"So here's the bottom line. Hire Bruce. I did at our firm and we showed immediate results and it fundamentally changed how we market and who we market to."
Booby Robertson

Bobby Robertson

"Bruce exhibited a great ability to "dig in" to get a real understanding of our clients' needs / wants / perceptions that we missed with our traditional tactics."
Dick Woodrow

Bill Woodrow

"What immediately impressed me is Bruce’s ability to identify the key issues that win business for us.”
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