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Navigating the Jungle of Business Podcast with special guest Bruce La Fetra
Understanding and aligning business goals with clients' goals leads to more profitable and loyal relationships.

Accurately identifying and focusing on best-fit clietns transforms business dynamics, making operations smooter and more enjoyable.
The Rainmaking Podcast - Bruce La Fetra

How the BD Process Is Broken

Bruce offers "simple but clear concepts that make a big shift that fixes the brokenness of traditional BD initiatives." - Scott Love

  1. How to see value from your client's perspective with a simple question.
  2. How to get huge dividends from referrals by gaining clarity across the entire process.
  3. Develop more rainmakers by bursting the myth that lawyers don't like to sell. What they don't like is losing.

Clarity in Business Development

Focusing on your Best Clients sets in motion a virtuous cycle where revenue grows, profitability increases, and the business development cycle shortens.

  1. Think: Which clients would you clone if you could?
  2. Ask: How do YOU improve THEIR business.
  3. Improve your business today: Use the Us/We/Our test to make your client the hero.
Lawyer Business Advantage with Special Guest Bruce La Fetra

Episode 161 - Think Like Your Best Clients and Earn More

Episode 160 - Better Clients, Better Fees with Bruce La Fetra

Episode 159 - The Expert Trap with Bruce La Fetra

Episode 65 - Think Like Your Clients with Bruce La Fetra

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How do you get your best clients to hire you? Jared Correia welcomes Bruce La Fetra, a real, live client whisperer, to chat about how to flip your usual script and market to the clients you actually want.

Later, the guys play “Technical ‘Knox’ Out,” a trivia round highlighting Knoxville, TN, facts—past and present.

The conversation with Bruce starts at 8:26.

Leo Manzione Podcast

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Tips from The Client Whisperer

Not every firm will be great, but any firm can be.
It’s your choice.

Generating Best Clients Requires 1-2-3

Attracting Best Clients Requires 1-2-3


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Why Focus on Your Best Clients

A Great Choice Beats the Best Choice