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Generating Best Clients Requires 1-2-3

Attracting Best Clients Requires 1-2-3


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A Great Choice Beats the Best Choice

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Lessons from the Demolition Derby

My wife was a Demolition Derby skeptic. The experience wasn't what she was expecting. The action comes in spurts and is neither methodical nor random.
A lot like the marketing and business development process at many professional services firms.

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Power of the Pause

Type A people love to point out you are laser-focused on results. The go, go, go nature of professions like law and finance are like a drug.
Busy does not mean productive.

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Lawyer Incomes Fell 1.9% since 2001

The median real income of lawyers fell 1.9% since 2001 according to Reuters. Marketers tell you to increase your digital footprint to attract more clients. I say something a bit different.

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3 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Clients

Some clients are bad for your business. These clients cause headaches, frustration, and generally suck the energy from you. It should be easy to get rid of your bad clients. . . but you still have them.

Here are 3 ways to be rid of your bad clients.

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Stop Trying to Be the Best Choice

Stop trying to be the Best Choice.

Instead, be a Great Choice. Your clients will thank you by selecting you faster, paying you more, and being more loyal.

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Rewiring Your Brain to Build Your Firm

Randy is an attorney who brags he can identify a future Best Client in 15 minutes or less. It used to take him 1-2 hours, and the criteria was whether he get them to hire his firm. How'd he do this? He rewired his brain by asking himself a question.

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The Path to Profit-Crippling Commodity Pricing

Many gurus tell you to make it easy (on you) and blame factors beyond your control like inflation or the pandemic. Bad advice. There's a better way to raise your fees.

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Recession as Opportunity

I'm a big believer that NOW is the time to act. It is always easier to act from strength than weakness. That's why the rich tend to get richer and strong firms get stronger.

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Active Listening

Professionals struggle with selling because you're focused on the wrong prize. "Expert" advice is so contradictory: be more persuasive, active listening, sell yourself. You struggle with selling because you have the wrong goal.

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Grow Earnings with Think Like Your Best Clients

The past couple of years have been great for a lot of small law and other professional services firms. Not having to beat the bushes for business has been great. This week brings more distressing news about the economy. Is your business ready for uncertainty?

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Think Like Your Best Clients
You earn more without working harder when you attract more of your Best Clients.
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