Leo Manzione - Bruce La Fetra interview

Leverage the Clients You Have to Get More of the Clients You Want

Why did your best customers choose you?

Unless you’re somehow the only option in your niche, chances are they had other options to choose from. So why you?

Getting to know your best customers by asking them powerful questions like this can be incredibly valuable. The more you understand your best customers, the better you can engage others like them.

Leo Manzione interviewed me about how to attract more of your Best Clients. The full interview is below (11 mins).

Leo Manzione is a great business coach. Be sure to check him out as well.

Think Like Your Clients
Clients don’t care how great you are; they care about how you improve their business. The Client Whisperer provides super clarity regarding why your Best Clients select you, and the key to a consistent flow of ideal clients.
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