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It Take Courage to Get to the Next Level

It takes courage to get to the next level

Courage is the inner power enabling you to face difficulty or danger. Seizing business opportunities in the midst of the current unknowns requires courage. 

Courageous or Comfortable

In today’s rapidly changing environment, marketing especially takes courage. If COVID has taught us anything, it is that what worked in the past, often doesn’t work anymore.  Without courage, it is too easy to stay with what is comfortable -- even if it isn't working.

Here are 4 marketing changes that require a bit of courage. Keep reading below for a foolproof way to gain the courage you need.

  1. It takes courage to say no to what brought success in the past. It’s not courageous to double down on what no longer works. That’s fear. You must set emotion aside and figure out what to keep and what to change.
  2. It takes courage to accept that clients define your brand. You can spend a lot of time and money telling clients what your brand stands for. The reality is you are only influencing them. Your brand is much more than words or messaging. It's who you are, how you act, the people you hire, where you focus.
  3. It takes courage to accept that doing great work is not a differentiator. Great work is the cost of entry. Lots of firms do spectacular work. Yet, many struggle to bring in a consistent flow of high-quality clients.
  4. It takes courage to learn what your clients really think , and to act on what they think rather than what you want to hear. If you struggle to deliver for clients, these are hard conversations that take courage. For great firms stuck at good, what you learn will surprise you, but it is an easy conversation to have.

Small Changes, Big Results

If you’re not getting the results you need, getting to the next level requires change. For great firms stuck at good, small changes often bring big results.

Taking the first step often requires the most courage. The Client Whisperer Assessment makes the first step a very rewarding step. Learn more at https://EastwoodSA.com/CWA

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