Get Paid More: Impact-Based Value vs. Task-Based Value

Get paid more with a bigger smile by focusing on Impact vs Tasks
Nathan is an attorney who used to complain clients didn't appreciate his expertise. He charged less than big firms, and yet clients still complained about his fees.
"I bring 25 years of experience,” Nathan declared, “10 of those at big firms, and I charge 2/3 what those big firms charge. And still, I get push back."
The problem is simple. As is the solution.
Nathan sees his value in the tasks he performs: drafting, reviewing, and filing legal documents.
Clients don’t see it that way. They care about the impact on their business. What they can accomplish as a result of Nathan's work.
Professionals typically define their value in terms of the tasks they perform. While your process is important for delivering great results for your clients, clients don't buy your process. They buy the impact on their business.

Impact-Based Value Resonates Better than Task-Based Value

Once you understand this mismatch in perspectives, the solution is straightforward. Nathan needed to see his value the same way his clients see it. Clients are willing to pay for value they understand.
Instead of forcing clients to abstract the value of four hours at $500 per hour, Nathan needed to address his impact on the client's business.
Now that Nathan frames his value this way, his clients write him bigger checks with bigger smiles because they understand the value they are getting.
If you want to transition from Task-Based Value to Impact-Based Value so clients write bigger checks with a bigger smile, drop me a note so we can chat.
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