Create New Rainmakers with a Repeatable Process

Create More Rainmakers
If your firm's top rainmaker got COVID or walked out the door, would your firm survive?
While lead generation and content marketing programs are attempts at creating a repeatable process, they don't replace your rainmaker.
Understand why your Best Clients select your firm and you have the seed for a repeatable process that delivers predictable results. With a repeatable process and predictable results your firm from more people who generate business.
Why clients select your firm is something you do, so it's absolutely repeatable. However, you're likely so tangled up thinking about being "different" or "unique" that you overlook the real reasons you get selected. [HINT: You get selected because clients are confident you will add value to their business.]
While there are many potential answers to why you get selected, massive success comes when you zero in on why YOUR Best Clients select YOUR firm.
The Client Whisperer answers this question so firms attract more of their Best Clients.
Clients call Bruce La Fetra The Client Whisperer. You attract more of your Best Clients when you think like your Best Clients.
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