Client Profitability and that Client You Worked so Hard to Win

Client Profitability and that Client You Worked so Hard to Win
How often do you make the same costly mistake as Judith? She took a course on business development with a component on persistence. By her estimate, adopting her new skill cost her law practice at least $100,000 in missed profit.
Judith is driven and an attentive learner. She turned persistence and multiple touches into a habit. Soon she was landing clients she never won before.
Success?  Hardly.
THAT was Judith's problem.
Judith was working harder to win clients who weren't a good fit for her firm. These poor-fit clients generated less profit AND caused more headaches.
Poor-fit clients cost Judith in 3 ways:
  1. Higher cost of sales  due to a longer sales cycle
  2. Cause nearly all of her client headaches
  3. Higher fee sensitivity lowers profits
Not listed -- but important -- are the mental and emotional costs of poor-fit clients. Working with them is a grind.
By contrast, Judith's great-fit clients (her Best Clients):
  1. Buy quickly because they feel Judith "gets them"
  2. More profitable because they focus on the value generated rather than the cost of her services
  3. All a around joy to work with because they see Judith and her team as partners
Your Best Clients buy faster, are more profitable, and more enjoyable to work with.
Often, the clients you spend the most effort chasing after are the clients who undermine your success.
Follow me to learn how to clone your Best Clients so every client is a Best Client.

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Actual Clients Say It Best

Nothing I do matters unless it improves your business

Kevin G. Long

Kevin Long

Employee Benefits Law Group
"So here's the bottom line. Hire Bruce. I did at our firm and we showed immediate results and it fundamentally changed how we market and who we market to."
Booby Robertson

Bobby Robertson

"Bruce exhibited a great ability to "dig in" to get a real understanding of our clients' needs / wants / perceptions that we missed with our traditional tactics."
Dick Woodrow

Bill Woodrow

"What immediately impressed me is Bruce’s ability to identify the key issues that win business for us.”
You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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