Big Idea #3: Focus Your Energy on Those Things Only You Can Do

There are 3 Big Ideas for reaching your firm's full potential. I discussed the first two recently. 
  • Big Idea #1: Strategic vs. Opportunistic Business.
  • Big Idea #2: See Your Firm the Way Clients See It

Big Idea #3: Focus Your Energy on Those Things Only You Can Do

This is good management advice but it's also excellent marketing guidance. Unless you create predictable and repeatable processes for client development you can't off-load that activity so you can focus on strategy, growth and leadership.
You can't off-load client development (while maintaining high margins) unless you understand why your Best Clients select you. The first step is differentiating between strategic and opportunistic business (Big Idea #1). The second step is seeing your firm the way your clients see it (Big Idea #2).
These are the building blocks of a predictable and repeatable process for attracting more of your Best Clients. When others take the lead on client development, you are free to focus on the strategy, growth and leadership your firm needs to thrive over the long haul.
Think Like Your Clients
Clients call Bruce La Fetra The Client Whisperer. He grows revenue and profits by reverse-engineering a firm's Best Client relationships. When you think like your Best Clients, you attract more of your Best Clients.
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