Bruce La Fetra | The Client Whisperer

Your client's own voice provides game-changing insights and a marketing path that is focused, effective, and punches above its weight. 

“Bruce is the master at helping you find your Best Clients. He created a fundamental shift in our firm culture and marketing. We now concentrate on our Best Clients. Our margins are up and the type of work we're getting is deeper in our sweet spot.”

Kevin G. Long, President, Employee Benefits Law Group

Getting amazing results doesn’t require luck. With a shifted perspective, your team can accomplish amazing things.

My clients call me The Client Whisperer because I take the guesswork out of professional services marketing. Think Like Your Best Clients allows legal, financial, and consulting professionals to grow revenue, build trust faster, accelerate sales and attract better projects. The secret to attracting more of your Best Clients going to the source and asking the right questions. Reverse-engineering actual relationships makes it easy to Think Like Your Best Clients.

🌟 I've added millions to the bottom line for professional services firms and big companies like First Data, Adobe & Symantec by interviewing their clients. My client interviews allows positioning good firms to be great, and attracting better projects, faster.

🌟 Reverse-engineering great relationships leads to repeatable actions that deliver predictable results. My clients are not afraid of change, but they don’t have time to screw around for the sake of change. No more random acts of marketing.

I wasn’t always a consultant. I know how hard it is to focus on long-term growth when you’re responsible for client work, business development, and leading your firm.

My teen-aged paper route taught me small things make a HUGE difference. Often these are the actual reasons your Best Clients select your firm.

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In an ideal world:
🌟 You generate more income without working more hours
🌟 You are not essential for closing every deal
🌟 EVERY client is a Best Client.

My mission is growing your income with the resources you have. In the process you build a great firm that attracts the best clients and employees.

Community Leadership

I work to create the kind of community I want to live in. Some ways I do that are via Rotary, as a Co-Founder of a Rotary Means Business chapter, volunteering as a team leader with Rebuilding Together, founding a program for blind Veterans at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, as a pro bono project manager for the Taproot Foundation, and managing a 50-tree apricot orchard at my church.

Check out my full background on LinkedIn.

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You earn more without working harder when you clone your Best Clients.
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