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To Attract More of Your Best Clients, Think Like Your Best Clients

Find your secret sauce. 
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“Bruce led us in strategy development that let us reach a new level of clarity and ideas for who we are, what we’re doing, and how we’re going to achieve it.”
Nilofer Merchant
CEO & Founder, Rubicon Consulting, Inc.

Achieve more by cutting the guesswork 

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Grow revenue by reverse-engineering your Best Client relationships.
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Shift your focus from what you do to what your clients care about.
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Business Development

Take the mystery out of business development so more people contribute.

Think Like Your Best Clients is a business development superpower

Client development is complicated and frustrating only when you fail to focus on what your clients care about: Improving Their Business.

Theory + Practice = Common Sense

Practical & Results-Oriented Path to Success

  • I know your challenges. I’m a fellow professional who knows your struggles and joys.
  • Practical. I focus on what you do well, so you can do it better
  • Realistic. I’m guided by common sense (which is anything but common) and behavioral science
  • Actionable. Critical tweaks rather than massive changes. You’re going from Good to Great, not re-inventing the wheel.
  • Passionate. Working with super-smart clients keeps me on my toes
Meet Bruce La Fetra

Clarity & Confidence
from an Expert Guide

Like you, I like solving problems

You can’t deliver for clients who don’t select you. You have to find them. Then, you must earn their trust.

Work from your strengths. As a lawyer, consultant, or other highly-skilled professional, you thrive when working with your Best Clients. Marketing and business development is a repeatable process when it is an integral part of how you deliver for clients.

Solving a client problem starts with a relationship. Clients don’t care about your expertise. . .  until they trust you.

Most professionals do marketing backwards. This undermines your own value and extends your sales process. With an experienced guide, Think Like Your Best Clients is easy and intuitive.

Think Like Your Best Clients drives amazing results. You will wonder why everyone doesn't do it this way.

Help Your Prospects Make Decisions . . .

Make decisions faster, better, more confidently

READ about The Neuroscience of Buying Services

Actual Clients Say It Best

Nothing I do matters unless it improves your business

Kevin G. Long

Kevin Long

Employee Benefits Law Group
"So here's the bottom line. Hire Bruce. I did at our firm and we showed immediate results and it fundamentally changed how we market and who we market to."
Booby Robertson

Bobby Robertson

"Bruce exhibited a great ability to "dig in" to get a real understanding of our clients' needs / wants / perceptions that we missed with our traditional tactics."
Dick Woodrow

Bill Woodrow

"What immediately impressed me is Bruce’s ability to identify the key issues that win business for us.”
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You Can Be Like Others . . . or Better

Chase or Lead

Strategic Marketing

Your Strategic Marketing Roadmap guides your entire client development process. You accomplish a lot more when you know where you are going--and why. Think Like Your Best Clients keeps you safe from shiny objects and fads so you--and your extended team--stay on track.

Client Whisperer Seminar

Learn the fundamentals of Think Like Your Best Clients as an interactive seminar for your team. Each module is structured to discuss: Concepts, Examples, and Taking Action so you see results at every step. Great for extending Think Like Your Best Clients to sales and marketing teams.

Client Whisperer

The Client Whisperer On-Call provides a less structured way to tap into  insights and experience I've accumulated over two decades. Learn to Think Like Your Best Clients at your own pace.

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Get Results.
Reverse-Engineer Your Biggest Successes.

Step 1



Decide if I can improve your business

Step 2



Learn why YOUR Best Clients select YOU

Step 3

strategic map


Create a Road Map to attract more of your Best Clients

Step 4

execute everyone


Clarity about What and Why aligns everyone at your firm

Ready to Give Up on Random Acts of Marketing?

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Think Like Your Best Clients and you attract more of your Best Clients. 
   Connect faster
   Build deeper relationships
   Accelerate client development

It works because it reverse-engineers what works for YOU -- your Best Client relationships.

TALK to The Client Whisperer

Become a Hero


Marketing Your Clients Will Get Excited About

Your Best Clients make you feel Great. 

Attract more Best Clients when you Think Like Your Best Clients.

Connect with Bruce.

think like your best clients
You attract more of your Best Clients when you Think Like Your Best Clients.
That's why clients call Bruce La Fetra The Client Whisperer.
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